A recent 2017 study published by the Career Advisory Board highlighted the growing tech skills gap in the U.S. Nearly 60 percent of employers noted it was common for job applicants to lack the technology skills needed, with half reporting a tech skills deficit in their current employee base. With 86 years of experience in technology and education, DeVry University is offering a portfolio of programs and pathways for students aimed specifically at closing the tech skills gap, including our innovative Tech Playgrounds, Virtually Connected Classrooms, various bootcamp programs and the DeVry Tech Path.
Tech Playgrounds
DeVry recently opened Tech Playgrounds to provide students access to the latest technologies used at many companies today, and offers a space for experimentation and ideation. The Playgrounds give students the opportunity to incorporate the technology into their coursework and class projects. Current exploration zones include smart robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and 3D printing.  The Tech Playgrounds are located at DeVry’s campuses in Addison, Ill., Columbus, Ohio, and Midtown Manhattan, NY.

Virtual tour of our Tech Playgrounds:https://youtu.be/K8Q7b807dXQ

Virtually Connected Classroom
DeVry University has developed connected-classroom technology to reinvent the student learning experience. In one of DeVry’s 24 new extended classrooms, students experience a virtual learning community that goes beyond on-campus and online courses, joining together students from campuses across the country. Using an innovative suite of connected-classroom technologies, these extended classrooms allow students and professors to take part in active learning sessions, complete group projects and interact across extended classrooms, in real time, while at different campus locations.

View a Virtually Connected Classroom: https://www.devry.edu/on-campus-online/virtual-classroom-technology.html
DeVry Tech Path

DeVry University puts technology at the core of everything it does through a distinctive teach approach, called the DeVry Tech Path.  The DeVry Tech Path is integrated into our degree programs in business, tech and health and helps students gain project-based learning experiences designed to teach how to integrate people, process, data and devices to solve real-world business problems.
Learn more about DeVry’s Tech Path: https://www.devry.edu/why-devry/tech-inside.html
Student Support through Technology

DeVry University has collaborated with Civitas Learning, an Austin, Texas-based startup company that is the Student Success Platform for higher education. Their Student Insights Engine™ powers initiatives that dramatically improve student success. The technology helps advisors understand the specific needs and progress of students and when and how to advise them in order to help them achieve their goals. Conducting early outreach to students who show signs of falling behind in classroom activities that may need some additional help and resources provides the support students need when they need it most.

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