Our History  


Since 1931, DeVry University has harnessed the power of technology to innovate education. We evolve our programs, monitor trends in business and partner with employers so we can teach what is current and emerging. Then and now, we help our students prepare for the ever-changing business world.

Career Advisory Board

Career Advisory Board is represented by business leaders and academics who deliver valuable insights on today’s most important career trends and provide actionable advice for job seekers. The Career Advisory Board generates original research and commentary, and creates tools, insights and resources to prepare job seekers for success.


DeVryWORKS is a community of academic and business leaders who work together to build practical solutions capable of solving real business challenges. This comprehensive service offers strategic guidance and support to help companies with their talent acquisition, talent development and skills-gap training needs.



Extended Classroom Technology

In one of DeVry’s virtual classrooms, students experience a learning community that goes beyond on-campus and online courses, joining together students from campuses across the country. Using an innovative suite of extended classroom technologies, these virtual classrooms allow students and professors to take part in active learning sessions, complete group projects and interact across extended classrooms, in real time, while at different campus locations.

Learning Methodologies

Students have the opportunity to pursue career-focused, real-world degree programs and certificate programs in a variety of classroom environments at DeVry University. Students can attend classes on campus, online and through our innovative extended classroom technology. These different learning modalities are designed to complement a variety of learning styles and meet the needs of a geographically dispersed student population.

Student Services

Students have access to a wide range of student resources and a student support team committed to their academic success, financial planning and vision for the future.