News 6 Click Orlando - Army veteran surprises daughter by graduating in same ceremony

An Army veteran surprised his daughter Saturday morning when he showed up to his daughter's graduation in Orlando and received his own degree during the ceremony, university officials said.

Harty Herbert's daughter, Passion, was set to receive her Bachelor of Science in business and management from DeVry University when the surprise took place at the Orange County Convention Center. She had no idea that her father had earned a degree of his own.

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Modern Machine Shop - DeVry University Launches Online Training in Advanced Manufacturing

In what it describes as an effort to help bridge the growing tech skills gap in the United States, DeVry University (Downers Grove, Illinois) is expanding DeVry Bootcamp to include 11 online Advanced Manufacturing Programs in collaboration with 180 Skills Inc. read more >

Huffington Post - Women in Business Q&A with Randi Zuckerberg New York Times Bestselling Author and Founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media

"Because of my passion for this cause, I also recently collaborated with DeVry University to help generate more awareness around the tech skills gap at the higher ed level and start a conversation to come up with solutions." read more >

USA TODAY - Tech jobs are thriving nationwide -- up to 7.3M

A large number of Americans working in tech jobs and the story states that the tech skills gap is expected to increase as technology advances. A study by the Career Advisory Board, established by DeVry University in 2010, is mentioned, noting that a small percentage of employers believe higher education is effective in equipping graduates with skills needed on the job. read more >

The Gazette - DeVry University debuts virtual connected classrooms on Colorado Springs campus

DeVry University's new "virtual connected classroom" looks like technology on steroids.

Cameras activated by sound and motion follow professors and students around the room and beam their images on giant video screens.

Students in Colorado Springs, Phoenix, New York, Chicago and other cities can be linked to the same lesson and interact with each other.

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USA TODAY - Businesses say they just can't find the right tech workers

"When I worked within Silicon Valley, it boggled my mind — there were so many available jobs," says Randi Zuckerberg, CEO of Zuckerberg Media, which is partnering with DeVry and others to "get kids, especially girls, excited" about science, technology and math. Zuckerberg's 6-year-old son took a course in robotics.
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Forbes - Randi Zuckerberg On Solving The Tech Skills Crisis

The story highlights Randi Zuckerberg’s thoughts on the tech skills gap and her involvement with DeVry University's panel at the SXSWedu national education conference.    read more >

Team USA - Double Para-Cycling Medalist Samantha Bosco Ready To Ride For World Titles In LA

Profile on Double Para-Cycling Medalist Samantha Bosco, who’s also pursuing her bachelor’s degree at DeVry University. read more >

Three ways to help businesses attract and retain top talent

Many companies recognize that attracting and retaining top employee talent can result in a significant cost savings because employee turnover can result in productivity loss and involve additional expenses associated with hiring and training new employees. An employee parting ways may leave with a strong knowledge base of company projects, clients and procedures, and depending on the job level, it can take several months before a new hire becomes fully productive. read more >

Huffington Post - Expert Predictions on the Future of Big Data and Business 20 Years From Now

Russ Walker, PhD, Senior Professor, College of Business & Management at DeVry University, is quoted among business experts around Big Data implications on business in the future. Professor Walker discusses the importance of future workers to combine human judgement with data tools and notes that DeVry infuses technology, including analytics, into all of its programs to help prepare graduates for careers that increasingly demand literacy in Big Data. read more >