Title: Professor, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Campus: Tinley Park, Ill. Campus

Thomas M. Notermann is a professor at DeVry University in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, where he teaches courses in science and mathematics. His specialties are in physical chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis and environmental products, and he shares that knowledge with students across a variety of courses, including chemistry, biology, statistics and calculus.
Dr. Notermann has been with DeVry University since 2001. Prior to teaching at DeVry University, he worked as an adjunct professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, as a research scientist at Unilever Corporation and as a corporate researcher at Dow Corporation. Throughout his professional life, he has researched and commercialized a number of products used for environmental applications. Several of the products were used by refineries to remove impurities from fossil fuels, and some were used to reduce waste in the production of synthetic textile materials.
Dr. Notermann has contributed to several publication and presentations on teaching methodology, and has worked on six U.S. patents. He has also co-authored a section of a book in a series entitled “Advances in Catalysis.” He belongs to the Mathematical Association of America, the American Chemical Society and the Chicago Chemical Society and speaks some Spanish, German and Russian.
Dr. Notermann holds a doctoral degree in chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, a master’s of business administration in marketing from St. Xavier University and a bachelor’s degree in math and chemistry from St. Thomas University.
Thought Leadership
-       Believes dramatic improvements in our understanding of science will continue and result from the persistence and cooperation of many dedicated scientists.
-       A solid foundation in science and mathematics and the use of technology continues to be critical to success.
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