Title: Professor, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Campus: Calgary, Alberta

Maria Neuwirth is a professor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences where she teaches classes in the areas of environmental science, data analysis, computer information systems and senior project development. She has extensive experience in scientific research on environmental and biological topics.
Maria has been a professor at DeVry University for 12 years. From 1993 to 2008, she served as the vice president of Marmot Research, Inc. and has held a variety of positions within the field of environmental science and research. Much of her research has focused on environmental and biological studies in hazardous wastes, enzymes, insects and animals.
She is a recipient of the Ron Taylor Award and has received her bachelor’s of science, master’s of science and doctoral degrees from the University of Toronto. She also earned a bachelor’s of science in information technology from DeVry University in 2003.
Thought Leadership
-       A trend towards more stewardship, with people becoming more concerned about their environment and what they are doing to harm it. At the same time, she also believes people are equally as concerned about trying to lessen their harmful actions and believes they will become more demanding of the government to take environmental issues seriously through legislation and funding.
-       Technology has the possibility to reach many people, but there are also negative effects where people are misinformed by instances of misinformation that is disseminated for personal gain or agenda.
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