Title: Associate Professor, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Campus: Westminster, Colo.

Louis Freese is an associate professor at DeVry University in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences where he teaches a variety of mathematics courses ranging from algebra to calculus.
Mr. Freese has been an associate professor at DeVry University for the past 9 years. Before instructing students at DeVry University, he taught mathematics for over 12 years in both intermediate and high school settings. His approach to teaching mathematics focuses on group and active learning and project-based experiences.
Mr. Freese is a recipient of both the Ron Taylor and Pride Awards. He holds a bachelor’s of arts in mathematics from Kenyon College, a master’s of arts in math education from Columbia Teacher’s College and a bachelor’s of science in information technology from DeVry University.
Thought Leadership
-       Our country as a whole is very far behind in the world of mathematics and the emergence of STEM schools is working to reverse this problem. By giving students real world projects to complete, this allows them to determine what set of skills are needed across their curriculum to solve it. Instead of seeing math as abstract, students are immediately applying what they are learning to real world scenarios.
-       As calculators and software become more sophisticated it will become easier for students to find the answers to mathematic equations without properly learning the underlying skills necessary to solve each problem. Instructors will need to monitor for this and deem when it is appropriate or not. There will be a need for instructors to determine how best to have students use technology to enhance their understanding without abusing it in the place of learning.
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