Title: Associate Professor, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Campus: Tinley Park, Ill. Campus

Karen Hanson is an associate professor at DeVry University’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences where she teaches writing and literature. In addition to writing, research and editing, Ms. Hanson specializes in online communication. She has hosted numerous online chats and forums since the mid-1990s with Prodigy Services and AOL.
Ms. Hanson began her career as a staff writer for the Bourbonnais Herald, where she received several writing and reporting awards from the Illinois Press Association. Upon completing her second master’s degree in journalism, she was hired by Sun Publications, where she worked closely with photographers and designers to produce magazine-quality feature stories.
While teaching at DeVry University, Karen has worked part-time as a freelance writer for Sun Publications and the Joliet Herald News. She has also completed other freelance projects, including the publication of her book, “Today’s Chicago Blues.”
Thought Leadership
-       Online communication presents the challenge of new literacy’s and a new culture to navigate; but while we adapt to 21st century realities, we also must maintain appropriate standards for an increasingly global business world.
-       As educators continue integrating digital platforms, such as eCollege and Web 2.0 features, into their teaching and learning processes, it is essential that both faculty and students receive ongoing training not only with the technical aspects of computer-mediated communication, but also with the social and affective aspects.
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