Title: Faculty Chair, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Campus: Columbus, OH

Jeffrey W. Belding is a professor and faculty chair at DeVry University in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, where he teaches courses in literature and composition. His specialties are in English composition and 20th century American literature, and he shares that knowledge with students across a variety of courses, including Advanced Composition (ENGL112) and Studies in Literature (HUMN421).
Mr. Belding has taught college-level composition and literature courses since he worked as a graduate teaching assistant at Ohio State University, and has taught at DeVry University since 1989. He has been faculty chair of the General Education Department and the Liberal Arts & Sciences Department for DeVry University since 1995. He has also been a campus and system leader in the areas of accreditation and program assessment for the last 10 years, and currently serves as national general education advisor to Chamberlain College of Nursing (representing DeVry), as well as advisor to Chamberlain’s National Assessment Committee and their Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.
Mr. Belding has won the Distinguished Professor Award and the DeVry Pride Award. He published a novel entitled After Hell in 2005. Mr. Belding holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in the humanities from Ohio State University.
Thought Leadership
-       Accreditation and assessment will continue to be extremely important factors in a university’s “saleability” to its potential students and future employers of its students.
-       In composition and literature classrooms, the ability to incorporate the best practices of on-site and online modalities to best meet students’ needs stands out.
-       It’s hard to separate almost any teaching, grading, or student interaction issue without touching on technology and its many benefits. Still, we must always be careful not to let technology drive change. What works best is often dependant on numerous factors, of which technology and its potential uses are only a part.
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