Title: Associate Professor, College of Health Sciences

Campus: Chicago, Ill.

Mary Bowman is an associate professor at DeVry University in the College of Health Sciences, where she teaches undergraduate classes in health information technology.  Her specialties are in health information technology, electronic medical records, physician group practices and coding. She teaches several classes, including Introduction to Health Information and Data Quality/Statistical Applications.
Ms. Bowman worked in the field of health information management for 26 years before changing her career focus to education. Her experience is in acute care settings and physician group practices. She managed the Health Information Management Department of a large physician group practice and was instrumental in the implementation of an enterprise wide electronic medical record system. In July 2008, she became a full-time faculty member at DeVry University.
Ms. Bowman is involved in several organizations, including the American Health Information Management Association, Chicago Area Health Information Management Association and Illinois Health Information Management Association. She won both a DeVry University Ron Taylor award and a Leadership Excellence Award, and has contributed to the textbook “Legal Aspects and Ethical Aspects of Health Information: 3rd Edition.” She holds a bachelor’s degree in medical record administration from Chicago State University and a master’s degree in public administration in public health from Roosevelt University.
Thought Leadership
-       A major trend is the move towards an electronic health record. Everything we do will be computerized or electronic, and the paper methods of the past will disappear.
-       Those in the field must be literate in the area of information systems. They must learn everything there is to know about computers and their functionality.
-       Technology has changed the environment in which we work. Data processing analysts now do the work in the department instead of media record clerks.
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