Title: Senior Professor, College of Engineering & Information Sciences

Campus: Phoenix, Ariz.

Steven Silva is a senior professor and manager for the Experimental Lab and Development Studio at DeVry University. Mr. Silva’s expertise in developing specialty software with web-based business applications, continually developed over 20 years of consulting, allows DeVry University students to leverage his expertise within the lab to apply technical skills in software development and networking to new uses.

The experience Mr. Silva provides simulates a career-oriented, "real world,” network environment in which students operate in real-time. The Experimental Lab run by Mr. Silva is designed to provide a place where students can install operating systems and configure a variety of networking equipment - including private branch exchange (PBX) systems for the telecommunications students and high-end PCs and Macs with dual monitors for Web design and gaming students to develop advanced applications.

Mr. Silva has also helped prepare students by authoring the textbook Web Server Administration – currently in use by DeVry University for their course in Web Architecture. 

Mr. Silva holds both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Portuguese from the University of New Mexico in addition to master’s degrees in business administration from Southern Methodist University and in international management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Thought Leadership 

-       In networking, more devices than we could ever imagine connected to the network, both wired and wireless/cell connectivity.

-        This shift represents an extreme challenge for security and functionality. 

-       The advances in networking, causes expectations of instantaneous response - and while that is closer and closer to becoming reality, consumers will never be completely satisfied. 

-       These same advancements will help web-programming tools create software. That is both more secure and has greater functionality.

-       As changes continue to occur, the ability to learn new technologies and apply them will be crucial for the field to evolve. 

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