Title: Senior Professor, College of Engineering & Information Sciences

Campus: Irving, TX

Stephen F. Wheeler is a senior professor of information systems at the graduate level at DeVry University. Mr. Wheeler shares over twenty years of corporate and academic experience with his students and previously held faculty appointments at East Texas State University, LeTourneau University, and Dallas Baptist University before coming to DeVry University in 2002.
Mr. Wheeler specializes in artificial intelligence and computer science and applies his knowledge to scientific and industrial applications. This expertise is especially applicable, but not limited to, his work with DeVry University students in the Game and Simulation Programming major.
In January 2010, Mr. Wheeler utilized his knowledge of artificial intelligence to serve as crew commander for NASA’s Mars Desert Research Station Crew - conducting research in micropaleontology and exobiology at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. 
Currently, Mr. Wheeler is conducting post-doctoral research in intelligent problem-solving systems employing variations of neurosymbolic morphologies.
In his professional life, Mr. Wheeler has served as principal consultant for several of the largest computer consulting companies, including Cap Gemini America and Decision Consultants, Inc., and maintains his position as founder and president of the computer-consulting firm Computing and Information Sciences Company.
In addition to teaching and professional duties, Mr. Wheeler is a FAA licensed commercial pilot who serves in the Civil Air Patrol of United States Air Force Auxiliary with the rank of Captain.  While in the Air Force Auxiliary, Mr. Wheeler completed Squadron Leadership School, serves as Aerospace Education Officer for his squadron and was a recipient of the Chuck Yeager Aerospace Education Award.
Mr. Wheeler holds bachelor’s degrees in computer science and mathematics, as well as master's degrees in computer science and artificial intelligence, from Texas A&M University. Mr. Wheeler earned his doctorate in artificial intelligence from Walden University in 1992.
Thought Leadership
-       Sees a strong move toward for cloud computing and a serious expansion for Internet applications.
-       With regard to A.I., I see an expanded development in autonomous land, sea, and air vehicle navigation and control systems.
-       Autonomous robotics will also make a significant leap forward.
-       Intelligent agents in the classroom will offer instructional assistance and goal-directed research and analysis - such as stronger data mining and OLAP applications.
-       4GL and 5GL systems will soon eclipse the current 3GL (third generation programming languages).
-       Real-time natural language translation and intelligent conversant will impact NPC avatars in game and simulation applications. These future developments will also have the indirect effect of moving towards media integration - this will impact how information and knowledge is both disseminated and assimilated.
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