Title: Assistant Professor, College of Engineering & Information Sciences

Campus: Houston, TX

Kal Massad is an assistant professor at DeVry University with over 25 years of professional experience at the former Rockwell International (Now Rockwell Collins) and Aramco Services Company. 

While Mr. Massad accepted a formal teaching post starting in 2002, he began instructing individuals in systems design and engineering while at Aramco Services Industry in 1980. Serving in the dual-role as both engineer specialist and instructor in control systems, telecommunications and networking, Mr. Massad was able to combine the technical know-how of a business professional with the necessary instructional skills to effectively educate the technicians under the employ of Aramco.

The high level of expertise shown by Mr. Massad, coupled with the ability to share professional knowledge to the benefit of student was recognized by DeVry University twice in 2009, when Mr. Massad was honored as Distinguished Faculty and was bestowed the Ron Taylor Award – one of DeVry’s highest forms of recognition. Named after a chief executive officer of DeVry Inc, the annual Ron Taylor award is presented to those who have truly exceeded performance expectations, going above and beyond their normal job function.

While employed at Rockwell International, Mr. Massad co-authored three patents in the fields of spread spectrum technology and multipath diversity receivers.

Mr. Massad holds a master’s degree in electronic engineering and a doctorate in digital signal processing from Oklahoma State University. 

Thought Leadership

-       Over the next five years, more electronic circuits will be integrated into a single chip, leading to smaller and cheaper electronic and computer devices. 

-       Further advancement in nanotechnology will increase the effectiveness and range of capabilities of electronic devices, while further decreasing size and mass.

-       Regardless of the exact evolutionary pattern that technology takes, the field is quickly and frequently changing and will require not only future practitioners to become more advanced, but those tasked with teaching must also continue to stay current in order to educate effectively.

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