Title: Professor, College of Business & Management

Campus: Pomona, Calif.

Professor Thomas Donini has served DeVry University in a myriad of roles since joining the organization in 1982.

Formerly vice president of high school admissions, as well as the president of the Long Beach metro area in Long Beach, Calif., the high level of expertise shown by Mr. Donini has been officially recognized by DeVry University several times during his career.

Mr. Donini is a seven-time recipient of the Professional Recognition of Integrity, Dedication and Excellence (PRIDE) award DeVry University presents recognition of the wealth of professional knowledge passed on by individuals with the most direct interaction with students.

Most recently, Mr. Donini was bestowed the Ron Taylor Award – one of DeVry’s highest forms of recognition. Named after a chief executive officer of DeVry Inc., the annual Ron Taylor award is presented to those who have truly exceeded performance expectations, going above and beyond their normal job function.

Mr. Donini holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Marshall University in addition to his master’s degree, also in education, from Xavier University. 

Thought Leadership

-       Developments in technology are dynamically impacting the field of business - use of cloud computing applications, smart phones, etc. - and continued integration of technology in the workplace will be a steadfast trend that today’s students will be required to integrate into their daily work routine.

-       To be effective in today’s college classroom requires an individual to bring slices of today’s culture into the classroom - music, entertainment, fashion, military and sports- as examples to engage and motivate students to apply theory to real world cases.

-       On the other side, individuals ingrained in the business world must have knowledge of popular culture in music, dance and fashion in order to adequately understand these case studies and apply them both inside and outside the classroom.

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