Title: Associate Professor, College of Business & Management

Campus: Houston, TX

Robert Hulme is an associate professor at DeVry University where he instructs students in the process of communicating financial information about a business entity. Mr. Hulme is involved in instructing students on every aspect of reviewing, extrapolating and creating financial communication reports for end users such as shareholders and the executive officers.  

With the importance of financial communication to all aspects of a business, Mr. Hulme’s professional background – holding the positions in all phases of accounting from payroll clerk through financial officer-- allows him to present scenarios using accounting principles and applications across the spectrum of business units to his students.

Mr. Hulme holds a bachelor’s degree in education from University of Texas, Austin in addition to a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Houston.

Thought Leadership

-       Increasing government oversight of financial institutions worldwide will lead to changes to the implementation of International Accounting Standards and increased emphasis of ethics and corporate governance.

-       Changes to the reporting of financial statements will demand the acquisition of new knowledge through continuing education on a constant basis.

-       Speed and efficiency of gathering data will probably be the principle impact of technology on the business and accounting field in the coming years.

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