Title: Internship Director and Senior Professor, College of Business & Management

Campus: Addison, Ill.

Lynn Burks is internship director and senior professor at DeVry University in the College of Business and Management, where she teaches courses in business, economics and internships.  Her specialties are in economics, experiential education and student persistence and success. She shares that knowledge with students across a variety of courses, including Internships; Economics; Global Issues; and Introduction to Business and Technology. Dr. Burks also directs, coordinates and operates the honors Internship Program for the DeVry University Chicago Metro Region. Dr. Burks previously worked as a senior financial analyst in the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.
Dr. Burks publishes and presents research for the American Education Research Association, Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, High School Student Survey on Engagement, and American Association of Engineer Educators. She was recently voted as vice chair of Yorkville CUSD #115 School District.
She has contributed to several formal research projects, including:
·         Creating the Path from Engagement to Achievement, HSSSE Report, 2010
·         Rigor, Relevance, and Personalization: A Paradigm for Students in Transition, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development National Conference, March, 2010
·         Yorkville High School Academy: Paradigm for Students in Transition
·         Illinois State University Connections Conference, 2009
·         Illinois Association of School Boards, 2009
·         Prediction of Persistence at a Commuter Institution of Higher Education: A Multivariate Analysis of a Theoretical Model, American Educational Research Association, 2007
·         Effective Teaching and Learning: Predicting Student Learning and Success for Nontraditional Students in Context of Faculty and Student Traits, ASSE, 2006
·         Culture of Assessment at DeVry University, Connecting Classrooms, Summer, 2002
·         Women in Technology – A Case Study in Higher Education, Connecting Classrooms, Summer, 2002
Dr. Burks has reviewed and edited textbooks for McGraw-Hill. She has received several awards, including the Biltmore Who’s Who in Leadership in 2007, the Ron Taylor Award at DeVry University in 2009 and the Who’s Who Among College and University Students. She holds several board positions, including acting as a master school board member with the Illinois School Board Association, the faculty chair of Sigma Beta Delta Business Honors Society, and is a member of the Society for Distinguished Collegiate Americans.
Dr. Burks holds a doctoral degree in educational leadership from Colorado State University, a master’s degree in economics from Eastern Illinois University, a bachelor’s degree in business from Eastern Illinois University and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Eastern Illinois University. 
Thought Leadership
-       The economy is changing and the jobs for our graduates are going to require a very different type of student. Students will need to have a deep understanding and infectious excitement (passion) for their chosen career fields. Additionally, students will also have to possess high level “skills” – skills such as oral/written communication and compulsive thinking (drive). They will need to have breadth in a wide variety of areas, being able to adapt easily and often. Students will have to be both deep and broad. 
-       Education systems in general will have to be more “collaborative”, meaning K-12 partnering up with universities, and universities partnering up with business organizations. Real talent development will come from these experiences – organizations and universities partnering up solving issues together – via internships and cooperative education. 
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