Title: Associate Professor, College of Business & Management

Campus: New Brunswick, N.J.

Deborah Helman is a professor at DeVry University in the College of Business & Management, where she teaches courses in marketing, advertising and consumer behavior. Her specialties are in internet lifestyle and retail brands, and she shares that knowledge with students across a variety of courses, including Marketing Research (MKTG 320), Consumer Behavior (MKTG 210) and Introduction to Business and Technology (BUS 115). She also developed and coordinates DeVry’s Senior Project Day event, which is held three times per year, and is a means of building internal and external relationships with local employers.
Dr. Helman has taught marketing and research at DeVry University, Kean University, Rider University, The London College of Fashion, the Cranfield School of Management, Templeton College and Oxford University. She has also been involved in numerous strategy consulting projects as a consultant ethnographer.
Dr. Helman has won the DeVry Pride Award in 2009 and the Ron Taylor Award in 2008. She has contributed to a wide range of research projects involving retail clients in the UK, and is currently developing an eHealth research project involving practitioner and academic collaboration. She belongs to the American Marketing Association, Golden Key and Future Business Leaders of America–Phi Beta Lambda, and has contributed to several publications, including:
·         Helman, D.A, de Chernatony, L & Addeo, E.J. An Evolving e-Landscape: Synergistic Intersections of Technology and Brand Management, Thought Leaders in Brand Management, Conference Paper, 2010.
·         Helman, D.A., An Exploration of the Development of Lifestyle Retail Brands, unpublished Ph.D. Thesis, University of Birmingham, 2003.
·         Helman, D.A. and de Chernatony, L., Exploring the Development of Lifestyle Retail Brands, Service Industries Journal, Vol. 19, No. 2, p.49-68, 1999.
·         Payne, A. and Helman, D.A., Internal Marketing: Myth versus Reality, Chapter 4, in Payne A., Advances in Relationship Marketing, Kogan, Page, 1996.
·         Helman, D.A. and Payne, A., Internal Marketing, Myth versus Reality, Cranfield School of Management Working Paper. SWP592, 1992
Dr. Helman holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Leicester, a master’s degree in marketing from Cranfield University and a doctoral degree in commerce from the University of Birmingham.
Thought Leadership
-       Sees huge changes in the marketplace being caused by the grey market and the green market – and an increased importance in the need to understand Internet lifestyle, brand management, value-chain networks and the growth of marketing opportunities related to eHealth. 
-       Predicts technology, particularly, in relation to the growth of digitalization, networks and individual interactivity, will manifest in eBrands, eLife and eHealth opportunities.
To schedule an interview with Deborah Helman, please contact Colleen Coors at colleen.coors@mslgroup.com or 312-861-5267.


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