Title: Vice President of Operations & Student CARE, DeVry University

Terri Hines is the vice president of operations for DeVry University, responsible for synthesizing data intelligence and predictive analytics to provide strategic recommendations and initiate immediate outreach to improve student outcomes. Her student care team facilitates data models and student centric centralized scheduling and provides student support advising, both financial and academic.
Hines has more than 20 years of academic and Fortune 100 corporate leadership experience. Prior to joining DeVry, she held regional vice president of operations and campus president roles with a national career college and university system. She also spent more than 15 years at Best Buy Company, Inc., in multiple leadership positions across the U.S., where she led teams responsible for developing and implementing national centralized systems based on predictive analytics, establishing algorithm-based forecasting and designing operational best practices to lead organizational change. She led her teams through all aspects of sales, operations, inventory management, merchandising, customer satisfaction, colleague engagement, and was responsible for opening new markets in California, the Pacific Northwest, the Southeast, and the Midwest.
Hines earned a master’s degree in music composition from Northwestern University in Chicago and a bachelor’s degree in music composition from DePaul University in Chicago.
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